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My Own Worst Enemy

…is sitting right here, her hands on my keyboard. She thinks she’s helping me write my novel. But what she’s really doing is spewing out the longest so-called outline in the history of the world, saying it’s the only way she knows how to write this novel, though she knows it’s completely unnecessary and she’s only making things harder. She’s writing the rest of the book when she knows she’s not supposed to be writing the rest of the book, and I can’t seem to stop her! And whenever she gets to a difficult scene she makes excuses and erases things and says downers like “I caaaan’t!” and goes online to check Facebook or message boards or blogs and then she looks back at her progress and panics at the chapters left to do and gives me heart palpitations.

I wish she’d leave me alone so I could write!

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6 responses to “My Own Worst Enemy”

  1. I’ve been pondering outlines a lot lately. I can understand why they’re useful — if the author chooses to do one of her own volition. But, seems likes the task is being forced down your throat when everyone knows that most often the story will change when you actually get to writing it! I read your posts about outlining and my head aches!

    (On her blog Joelle Anthony mentioned an outlining process called the Snowflake Method. Don’t know anything about it, but here it is:


    Also, per your previous post, you asked why you’re tired all the time. A thought struck me because I often feel the same way: Because of the mental pressure we put on ourselves, all the time — even when we’re supposedly relaxing — so that we never give ourselves a break…?

  2. Hang in there, Nova! It’s a hard step, but it will eventually be behind you, just like all the other hard steps you’ve gotten through this far. Go easy on yourself. I’m rooting for you!!!

  3. is she cute? i could set her up with my brother, or my cousin maury. he’s an accountant.

    whatever you do, don’t let her get you loaded on facebook. it’s a black hole.

  4. I know exactly what you are talking about, right now I’m writing this as a distaction becuase I’m to frusterated to finish writing my essay.

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