The Day* the Internet Did Not Exist

(*Okay, the morning.) I got it in mind to try an experiment. I would write, on my laptop, as usual, with one significant change: the internet as I know and love it will no longer be in existence. Yesterday, I had all day to write. But yesterday was a day in which the internet existed … Continue reading The Day* the Internet Did Not Exist

Rearrange Your Furniture

There are things we do to get ready to write. Personal rituals. Soothing routines. I guess mine would be the walk here. My street is always quiet in the morning, the bars closed, every once in a while a dog being walked, only the bodegas open. I walk to my writing spot and just let … Continue reading Rearrange Your Furniture


The best present my mother ever gave me was a baby sister. I adore mine, always have. Things about my sister: She loves books; we have very similar taste in fiction. In most cases, I think she's my ideal reader. I love her taste in music and many of my favorites came from her recommendations—she … Continue reading Sisters