What’s Good

I may be exhausted, and I may sit around wishing for Other Things, but I must say something. There are some real positive thoughts jutting up and making themselves known in my head, usually early morning because those are my hours to write. My book gets me more and more excited each day. I will not get ahead of myself—don’t want to think about the book cover, though I get asked about that a lot. I’m just focused on writing the rest of the manuscript now. I’m in my character’s head, even when that can be an amusing, overly emotional process, and I’m moving forward slowly. I say slowly because every single word counts. I am not cranking this out; I’m savoring it.

More good things: My narrator’s voice has really clicked. I can see her world in bright color and great detail. The people in her life are alive like they’re people in my life, like I really know them. So no matter what I have to be down about, I have this book. When the writing is a joy, you have to acknowledge that. Because most other times the writing can be a great struggle, with roadblocks and detours and manholes you fall deep down into and get lost and off-track and you feel like you might never get back up again, like this sentence because I forgot just where it was going. When the writing is a joy, stop a moment and remember it. Because hard work will come later, and you don’t want to lose sight of why you’re here.

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