Progress, at a Cost

Also, didn’t mention in my last distracted post, but I’m making real progress with the novel… I wish I could write all day and every day, though I know physically I can probably only do concentrated bursts of, at the most, four hours at a time. So I’m sandwiching it between time at the day job, and I’m finding small ways to make it work. This means sacrifices though. I’ve had to cancel plans made after work. I cannot return phone calls. I can’t do favors anymore. I am not coherent after 7pm. I may not be a good person until after I finish this novel and then I might need to rest for a month, so maybe I will be good again in 2009.

…If I ever was good at all?

Somehow this blog seems to help me move forward. Makes no sense. Maybe all the typing warms up my fingers for the real work ahead. So thank you for reading. I’ll be here until I drop!

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3 responses to “Progress, at a Cost”

  1. Psst! You are always a good person whether or not you’re feeling rushed, too busy for life, or anything.
    No more insinuations to this effect, please.


  2. Nova, I was encouraged to read your short list of sacrifices, because that’s reality for the creative person. I’m also worthless after 7 pm; I too avoid phone calls. And I see that one is either dedicated to one’s art or one does everything else. Helpful thoughts, here.


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