The Day* the Internet Did Not Exist

(*Okay, the morning.)

I got it in mind to try an experiment. I would write, on my laptop, as usual, with one significant change: the internet as I know and love it will no longer be in existence.

Yesterday, I had all day to write. But yesterday was a day in which the internet existed and with it at my fingertips I produced, omigod this is really sad and embarrassing to admit, just 2 pages.

Today, the day—fine, the morning—in which there was no such thing as the internet, I produced 13 pages. And it’s only 2:05 p.m.

What conclusions can I draw from my experiment? I would do much better in a time and place where I couldn’t go online. Like, my life back before the internet was ever invented, like what? 1992. Like, the MacDowell Colony, where the studios had no wireless access and no phones. Like that time the cable went out. Like, oh I don’t know, the here and now if I had a little more self-control and could do this more often.

I may try to do this more often.


  1. Your experiment is making me uncomfortable. Because I believe it has much merit.

    And I loves me internet.

    brb, must go into denial.

  2. Though I missed you on Twitter, I gotta say that it sounds like a success. Were there any withdrawal symptoms? Agitation? Tremor?

    Oh please don’t say there were tremors…

    If I’m going at a clip I turn my airport off– let myself turn it back on later.

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