Like Buttons?

So did you see this? Anyone and everyone can show their support for Obama, including your friendly neighborhood bus driver, the breakfast on your plate, and, of course, unicorns and pirates, a good mix of extremes, I think. Now, as for me, I’ve never liked to pin buttons on my jacket (sharp points + clumsy fingers = ouch), but these are great:

And there are a lot more where those came from. What would your button say? I think mine would be “Pessimists for Obama” or “People with Weird Names for Obama,” then again I’m sort of partial to the one about bee keepers, for reasons I won’t say.

4 responses to “Like Buttons?”

  1. Please please please tell me that you also nurse weird fantasies of being a beekeeper? Please? Lie to me if you have to!

    When I lived with the cult (my 1st co-op) it was one of the weird things they let me do . Did I tell you they did my chart and determined what food stuffs I could and couldn’t work with? I got tomatoes, peppers, nettles, mushrooms, poisonous medicinal herbs and bees. I was petrified, but about ten minutes into my first stint working with them, I was sold.

    I rankle the Carpenter about getting me a hive set up all. the. time.

    TMI, I know. But I’ve missed you. Can you forgive a little nostalgic rambling about hives?


  2. I want to be a beekeeper! (If you know this is a lie, shhh.)

    I do have a special attachment to bumblebees, though.

    I didn’t know you worked with bees on your first co-op! How did the chart determine food stuffs! Wow. I wonder what I’d get. Please, more nostalgic rambling about hives and carpenters and anything else you want to nostalgically ramble about, always.


  3. Dang!!! I was hoping. I can hope, right?

    Please pardon my getting crazy all over your blog. I can’t believe I never told you about that. The Co-op office tried to get me into group therapy after they read my paper…I’ll talk about it sometime on my blog. Whacky cults!


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