My Favorite Witch

Halloween is today, which means the big parade hits the neighborhood tonight and we'd better make sure we get off the subway on the east side of Sixth Avenue or we'll be stuck behind the barricade and forced to walk, costumeless, fifteen blocks to make it across to the other side. (We know this from … Continue reading My Favorite Witch

Tell Me

Think of me as if I've just gone blind, pushing my way into a room with my arms held out. I'm feeling for obstructions, seeking pathways, needing to know when I'm good and when I'm in danger. The end table is there, so you tell me to turn left. A potted plant is coming up … Continue reading Tell Me

Fantasy Night

Confession time. There is a thing I like to do, a very, very bad thing. I like to go to fancy hotels we can't really afford—for holidays, for special occasions. I like to pretend I'm supposed to be there, in that room, wearing that plush monogrammed robe, on that deliciously comfortable bed, perusing the room-service … Continue reading Fantasy Night