Quick Update

I’ve been sick all week, haven’t written a word all week, was physically unable to. I know my last post made light of it, but it’s been awful. I am trying to be positive and hope that I am getting better. I’m not sure why this happened, though I have allergy testing on Wednesday, so maybe that will explain some of it. I just want to point out that an illness where your hands swell up so you are unable to type or hold a pen, where your hands burn like they are on fire and force you to carry around a bag of ice is a cruel, cruel joke for a writer. Especially a writer with a deadline. I have been trying to come up with alternative body parts I’d give up instead to have back my hands… Would you take my left leg?

Today is the first day I’ve felt reasonably able to make a go of it. I am at my weekend writing spot attempting to write through this. Doesn’t my body understand the concept of a deadline?

My mom believes in positive thinking. So here goes: I am not sick. I am all better. Here’s a 🙂 for good measure.

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