Isn’t She* Pretty?

I have printed. Well, I’ve printed what I have so far. I am not yet done with the first draft—must finish the scene in chapter 19, one more short end-note of a chapter to go at the end, one or two more chapters to insert into the gaping hole I left in the middle… not to mention the frenzy of line-editing that will take place before I send this in. But, for now, I have 179 pages. They exist in the world in physical form for the first time ever, and there’s no denying it. Look! Here they are sitting on the table:

I should have dressed them up for you. Or dressed them up for me. I guess it’s like when people dress up their dogs in those little sweaters and take them on a walk in the park. I almost want to carry my pages outside and parade them around Washington Square. “What’s that?” someone might ask, a dog-walker or a hippie guitarist or a drug dealer or an NYU student, and I’ll say with pride, “It’s my novel.” And they’ll nod and say, “Cute hat.”


* Yes, my novel is female. Obviously.

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12 responses to “Isn’t She* Pretty?”

  1. Oh, that’s so pretty! I want to pet it as if it were a dog with a cute coat. I want one of those for my very own, a brand-spanking-new novel — one that’s getting published, dagnabbit!


  2. Woot! I don’t recommend leash walking. I think you and your novel deserve a sedan. At the very least, a pedicab.

    (I am so proud of you right now it nearly hurts.)


  3. Thanks, all! Looks like my excitement is catching!

    I do still have to, you know… um… finish the thing………. Then revisions….. And of course they have to like it….. and still want to publish it…… Details, details.

    I doubt they’ll let me turn in a photo of the manuscript instead of the actual manuscript, but maybe I should ask.


  4. She’s GORGEOUS! Yay! I remember your entry about printing your manuscripts. This is a Big Moment. Congrats, Nova. Eeee! I can’t wait to see it on shelves!!!!!!!!!!



  5. i am holding your manuscript this very second. delicious.

    ps. me an oslowe gonna have to duel now. to the pain!


  6. I think the first time I commented on your blog was recently, when you talked about printing or not printing your work (forgive me if I don’t remember the details correctly). Well, anyway, now that you’ve printed something, I have one word for you: congratulations.

    What next?


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