Thanking the Stars for Rejection

Do you ever get a great and overwhelming sense of… the only word for it has to be relief… to think your first novel didn’t get published? I just felt it, undeniable relief sitting here in the café, skimming through pages I am happy to stay hidden for the rest of my life. Never publishingContinue reading “Thanking the Stars for Rejection”

What’s Keeping Me Today

Too tied up in knots to do much work on my new novel today, though my Chapter One still holds immense excitement and doesn’t understand the cold shoulder. I’m distracted by: Bad dreams Revision nerves Doubts Cold feet (literally—it’s too cold in here to be wearing these shoes) Submission depression over the absolute pointlessness inContinue reading “What’s Keeping Me Today”

My Mama’s Message to Me via, What Else?, Macaroni and Cheese

I have the best mom in the world. The best mom for a writer. The best, you have no idea. I was just writing up a draft of the acknowledgments for my novel and got all teary-eyed thinking about what to say about her. She made me my favorite macaroni and cheese the night beforeContinue reading “My Mama’s Message to Me via, What Else?, Macaroni and Cheese”

What’s with the Mood?

I’m trying to stay upbeat and move on to the next thing and be happy for what I have and grateful— Oh, maybe that’s it. Thanksgiving is swiftly approaching, and holidays all somehow bring about stress, no matter if you tell your husband I promise I will not be stressed out this time, I promise.Continue reading “What’s with the Mood?”