There’s Something About November…

…It’s National Novel Writing Month, the one month of the year when people who aren’t always writers join in to pound out pages with the rest of us. I happen to like the company. And, for writers who’d be writing anyway, it’s the month that gives us a good kick in the pants: 50,000 words, no pressure, no reading back, no worries… go! So, to everyone who’s in it this year, good luck. You know I want to be there with you.

I am, though, sort of. My deadline is in fifteen days, you heard me: fifteen days! I can’t wait to show my editor this manuscript, get her feedback and notes because I know it will make the book better (she’s so good), but I also want it to be in readable shape by the time she gets it… So this November is a heavy time for me. I don’t know how I’ll make it through the next two weeks, but I will. I’ll do it. I’m determined.

I’m almost ready to do a massive pass of line edits, I hope by next week I’ll be ready. I love that part of writing—teasing out the good stuff, toning and shaping and making it sing. I like scribbling all over the page, I somehow feel closer to the work that way. But first I have to get out these few remaining scenes… this is my mission for the weekend.

So, yes, there’s something nice about sitting here, November 1, asking myself to please focus and write the end of this scene, and then remembering how many other people all over the world are trying to write today too. Not to mention a few of my writer friends (hi, guys!). Novels are in the air. It’s not too late to catch one and start writing…

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