I had a whole plan to make a post this afternoon about how I wrote every single scene and chapter in my novel and hurray and jump up and down and kiss more pages and time now only to edit and— But no. It’s not happening.

I have like two more paragraphs to write. Three paragraphs, tops!

And for some reason I am done. Just done for the day. Unable to sit in this chair. Unable to type another word. The toaster dinged and I am done. So done I will have to write the two paragraphs tomorrow morning.

How annoying is that?!


3 responses to “Foiled”

  1. Oh…that’s too frustrating. But tomorrow you’re on!

    Do you think its a time-change thing? That always gets me even if the fall-back is in our favor.

    Or maybe it’s a Sunday thing? There’s something inherently lazy about Sundays — couldn’t work if I tried. That said, I am going to give it a whirl now…


  2. dude! don’t get down on yourself! everything BUT 2 paragraphs?! that’s amazing! Seriously–many days, 2 paragraphs is ALL I write. I am proud of you.


  3. Hmm, I’m seeing it as a great thing. Tomorrow you sit down and you write two paragraphs and then HOLY CATS YOU’RE DONE! Tomorrow is going to be great.


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