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How It Feels

At first, you look up and you realize it just, seconds ago, finally happened. And you search inside yourself to see how it feels. And that is:

Unreal at first.



Which turns into fantastic.

And exciting.


Just plain good.

Also very, very, very daunting.

Sort of scary.

Because it’s not over, not yet.

The day before the U.S. presidential election has also turned out to be the day I wrote every last chapter, scene, and page of my novel. Months and months of hard work and the first draft is officially all down on paper. And now the major editing begins.

Big things to come tomorrow!


8 responses to “How It Feels”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS. I am so happy for you. And, lol, at first I thought maybe you were talking about what it was like to vote for obama today. Good things, indeed!

  2. It IS such a moment, isn’t it? It’s like the top of your head feels almost like a cool breeze has struck it. The world looks so different all of a sudden! Usually when I’ve reached the moment of the END OF THE BOOK, it’s in the middle of the night, and I want to wake everyone up and say, “It worked! It actually worked!” Because…I don’t think there are many moments in life that are as wonderful as finishing up the first draft. You know it needs work, but you know you can fix it, and that the plot worked and the characters–well, they behaved as best they could. Congratulations! It gave me goosebumps to read about it!

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