Almost There

I’m finishing up this manuscript now, making line-edits galore, writing patches for scenes done wrong, cutting wherever I can. Yesterday I felt pretty happy about it. Today not so much. I guess this is the balancing act of writing, trying to keep yourself up on the wire on the dreary days as well as the good.

My head space is divided into two sections. On one side of the curtain, I am proud and excited and think I am on the right track. On the other side of the curtain, I am all the bad things ever thought of me and then some. I keep leaping back and forth, getting breathless. What I need is for someone to chain me up on the good side, the happy side… just until I make my edits to the very last line.

In other news, it’s Day Nine of NaNoWriMo… To those who are deep in it, how’s it going? I’m rooting for you.

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