OK, screw all this about my mood. My book is listed on Amazon!

I think the ages will change (it’s supposed to be 9-13), and the manuscript I wrote might not fit into 208 pages, though I am totally ready and willing to cut, and a pub date of September 22, 2009?, really?, who knows if that’s final, and and and and and, just, you know, this is exciting.

I was sad to not have an announcement on Publishers Lunch (because I don’t have an agent to announce it), so this is like the first time it feels practically official.

Now you’ll see the title, too ( 🙂 ).

p.s. You will also, apparently, be able to buy the book at Target. I’m almost tempted to pre-order.

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15 responses to “On Amazon”

  1. it is *very* exciting to see your book up on amazon..and then after it’s released, to keep checking the stats on your book (ranking, amount bought)….etc., etc. 🙂 the obsession has begun!

    i know this, because the hubby wrote a book and got it published (yesssss before mine, even though his was a nonfiction technical book) and i got to witness it all firsthand.


  2. Very, very exciting! I agree with Jadepark: It will be exciting to watch as it sells, read more details about it such as what readers thought of it. Scary, at times I’m sure, but exciting.


  3. Foreign rights! That’s another thing I’m blatantly not thinking about yet. I think the book will just be in the US and Canada? If there is an Australian edition I will definitely let you know.


  4. Almost???!!! Almost tempted to pre-order? By now I might have emptied my bank account. Anything to get your ranking up above the several millionth mark! Wonderful news, nova. Oh, back to work with you.


  5. omgomgomgomgomgomg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    will be pre-ordering in the very very near future!!!!!!




    I am DYING to see the cover.


  6. Nova, I have noticed we often get American editions of books here in the shops, although whether or not they are shipped directly from America, or are published here separately, I do not know (the foreign rights stuff really confuses me!) I’ll look out for it here, but of course there is always Amazon. We have Target here too but I think it’s a different Target.


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