On Amazon

OK, screw all this about my mood. My book is listed on Amazon!

I think the ages will change (it’s supposed to be 9-13), and the manuscript I wrote might not fit into 208 pages, though I am totally ready and willing to cut, and a pub date of September 22, 2009?, really?, who knows if that’s final, and and and and and, just, you know, this is exciting.

I was sad to not have an announcement on Publishers Lunch (because I don’t have an agent to announce it), so this is like the first time it feels practically official.

Now you’ll see the title, too ( πŸ™‚ ).

p.s. You will also, apparently, be able to buy the book at Target. I’m almost tempted to pre-order.

15 responses to “On Amazon”

  1. jadepark says:

    it is *very* exciting to see your book up on amazon..and then after it’s released, to keep checking the stats on your book (ranking, amount bought)….etc., etc. πŸ™‚ the obsession has begun!

    i know this, because the hubby wrote a book and got it published (yesssss before mine, even though his was a nonfiction technical book) and i got to witness it all firsthand.

  2. mari says:

    Very, very exciting! I agree with Jadepark: It will be exciting to watch as it sells, read more details about it such as what readers thought of it. Scary, at times I’m sure, but exciting.

  3. nova says:

    Yikes. I don’t even want to think of rankings and reviews yet!

  4. Holy crap! It must really really feel real now!

  5. oslowe says:


  6. Heather says:

    HOW AWESOME!!! This is SO exciting Nova!!!!!!!!

  7. oslowe says:

    (that was my gaping jaw-drop of awesomenity, represented by the forever elipses, by the way)

  8. Helen says:

    That is so cool! I love the title too! Do you know if it will also be out in Australia?

  9. nova says:

    Foreign rights! That’s another thing I’m blatantly not thinking about yet. I think the book will just be in the US and Canada? If there is an Australian edition I will definitely let you know.

  10. davidbdale says:

    Almost???!!! Almost tempted to pre-order? By now I might have emptied my bank account. Anything to get your ranking up above the several millionth mark! Wonderful news, nova. Oh, back to work with you.

  11. courtney says:


    will be pre-ordering in the very very near future!!!!!!




    I am DYING to see the cover.

  12. Helen says:

    Nova, I have noticed we often get American editions of books here in the shops, although whether or not they are shipped directly from America, or are published here separately, I do not know (the foreign rights stuff really confuses me!) I’ll look out for it here, but of course there is always Amazon. We have Target here too but I think it’s a different Target.

  13. Gryphon says:


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