Writing Resolutions 2009

I was going to make a list. You know, do it up right. Use bullet points. Set target dates. I was going to set out viable, approachable writing goals for myself. No goals like "sign with a literary agent," because I have absolutely no control over whether I can get myself an agent in 2009 … Continue reading Writing Resolutions 2009

Hey, You. Wanna Write a Book?

Here I am, reading over my book, working on finishing it and turning it in even though, in my secret heart of hearts, I could be easily convinced to keep going with it, a draft as long as my arm if you'd let me. Once this is done, I'll be working on a new novel. … Continue reading Hey, You. Wanna Write a Book?

Still At It

Still going strong with the revision! Up early, out in the cold, but my favorite café wasn't open when they said they would be (yes, again), so I walked instead to my weekend writing spot, shivering with cold by the time I reached its doors. While on the elevator, holding a fast-food coffee, I thought, … Continue reading Still At It


Yesterday morning my usual attempt at stumbling up in the early-dark to be a writer turned into me lolling about on the couch with a splitting headache (moaning softly to myself till the pills kicked in). Clearly I would have to give up on writing, so I slept till I had to get up for … Continue reading Trouble


If I don't answer your email Or return your phone call If I don't want to go anywhere Or have a conversation Or say hi If my door is closed If my light is off My hoodie up It's because I'm just trying to stay afloat over here. Working hard, need to focus. Job: everything … Continue reading If