Teeth Cleaned, Novel Read, Sandwich Left Abandoned in Fridge

What a day. I was trying to be financially responsible so I packed my own lunch today only to completely forget to eat lunch and leave it in the office fridge when I dashed out early to run to a dentist appointment.

That’s because I was distracted, and understandably so. My manuscript edits were ready! My editor emailed me this morning to tell me.

I love my editor.

I love my editor so much.

I would repeat verbatim what she said after reading my manuscript, but (1) I sort of want to keep it to myself and hold it close and (2) you’re not supposed to repeat verbatim on your blog what editors tell you, are you? I don’t know, I’m new at this.

One great thing about working in Manhattan is that you can see your editor in person the day after she’s finished reading your manuscript and witness, right there in front of you, the look on her face when she tells you what she thinks about it. And oh. And wow.

My office is just six blocks from hers. So we met for a quick coffee so I could come get the manuscript edits in person. She bought me coffee 🙂 She likes my book 🙂 She used purple pen to edit it 🙂 I am just walking around with one of these 🙂 on my head.

She seems to think the revisions will be quick, so by the New Year my novel will be done, maybe sooner. A letter is forthcoming, but in the meantime all I’ve been able to do is peek quickly at various pages, see an edit, squeal, and cover the page. I expect to be much more mature about the whole process by the morning.

I am just so thrilled that she’s so enthusiastic about the book. I’ve always wanted something like this to happen and now that’s it’s happening I’m not entirely able to act normal. So that’s how I ended up totally forgetting to eat lunch today. And at the dentist’s, while my teeth were being cleaned, I couldn’t stop smiling.

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