Revision, Day One

It is time to revise D. It’s time.

My awesome editor (AE) said I could have a month but that I may not need that long. She’s right—I won’t need a whole month. But I don’t want to rush it either, I want to make this book as good as possible. I’ll be walking around and I’ll see a twelve-year-old girl and I’ll wonder, Would she like this book? I find myself so curious about what the readers might be like—there was this one girl at the library, hounding her mom about books to get. (Her mom wouldn’t let her read Gossip Girl, but the girl didn’t seem that upset, I think she was just asking to see what the answer would be, she was like, Oh that’s not appropriate? Whatevs. And I wondered… would she read my book? would her mom let her get it? I hope this curiosity doesn’t make me start stalking public libraries next fall.) Anyway, as for my imaginary readers, I think I would have liked this book. Way back when, I could see my young self being really into it. She would have devoured it in one day. So I guess I’m writing for myself just as much as I’m writing for other people.

So AE had great comments; she’s really such an ideal editor for me.

So. So it’s time. So there’s some work to do. So it’s Day One, and what am I doing to start revising?

I am enjoying a delicious foamy mocha at the café. I’m not procrastinating—AE told me to! She knows I love them! Then, after the mocha, I’ll dive in…


6 responses to “Revision, Day One”

  1. You are off to such a wonderful start for the editing that it’s bound to go well. You AE likes it, you wrote something your 12 yr old self would love AND you were having that mocha as a kick-off. I see excellent times ahead for you – keep us current, and good luck!


  2. PS I also meant to say that I miss those books I loved as a pre-teen, and so definitely sign me up for yours, as in, let us know the very minute it is released!


  3. Thanks, all! Revising is so much more fun than the first draft. I wish I could start out with words already down on the page. Then I’d be awesome.


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