I Have No Idea What Day It Is I’m Just Revising

Working my way through. I’d like to take a breather on all things life while I focus on this but I can’t do that can I no one would understand would they so here goes another week at half capacity and I hope no one asks me for anything this week maybe better not to talk to me actually because I just need to keep my head somewhere else and all my skills at punctuation and avoiding run-on sentences will be saved for the revision so that’s why I haven’t typed a period here yet.

In the meantime my other half is redesigning my writing website and it looks so great! Not up yet, but I’m excited!

Last night, after a big day of revising, the movie Chicago was on and I was glued to the TV. I was reminded of how I had a dream to be something else before I decided to be a writer. That’s right—I wanted to dance on Broadway. I didn’t have the talent though. But how cute is that?

On chapter 10. Going back in.

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