I Have No Idea What Day It Is I’m Just Revising

Working my way through. I’d like to take a breather on all things life while I focus on this but I can’t do that can I no one would understand would they so here goes another week at half capacity and I hope no one asks me for anything this week maybe better not to talk to me actually because I just need to keep my head somewhere else and all my skills at punctuation and avoiding run-on sentences will be saved for the revision so that’s why I haven’t typed a period here yet.

In the meantime my other half is redesigning my writing website and it looks so great! Not up yet, but I’m excited!

Last night, after a big day of revising, the movie Chicago was on and I was glued to the TV. I was reminded of how I had a dream to be something else before I decided to be a writer. That’s right—I wanted to dance on Broadway. I didn’t have the talent though. But how cute is that?

On chapter 10. Going back in.

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4 responses to “I Have No Idea What Day It Is I’m Just Revising”

  1. Tell me about it! My daughter is home sick today, so I had to put the laptop away and nurse her back to health. I swear, these edits are KILLING me. It was only a few things, but they were MAJOR things! LOL! Good luck with your edits too!


  2. i think it is brilliant of you to reserve your punctuation for your revisions and i am going to try that too as well as reserving the capital letters because my revision is also taking all my time and what is this holiday called christmas that we have to have right now when surely anyone can see that we just had a christmas and don’t need to stop revising to have another one anyway i am wishing you good luck


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