Still At It

Still going strong with the revision! Up early, out in the cold, but my favorite café wasn’t open when they said they would be (yes, again), so I walked instead to my weekend writing spot, shivering with cold by the time I reached its doors. While on the elevator, holding a fast-food coffee, I thought, Is it really worth it? Wouldn’t it be nice to be in a warm bed right now?

But now I am in here—first writer of the morning—and it’s quiet, and the wind pounds the glass in the windows, and the radiators sizzle and hiss, and I have a new dark corner where I’m sitting now—it feels pretty nice to have these moments.

I wanted to finish the revision yesterday—before friends came to town, before the holiday. But I wasn’t able to. So I’ll be working, as usual, every day until this gets done.

In other news, I just this morning found out that Go Ask Alice was suspected to be a fake diary. How could I not have known, I read that book in junior high at least twelve times!

Speaking of junior high, some crazy person posted the entire junior high yearbook to Facebook. I took one look at my class photo—shuddered—and realized that the main character I’m writing is way cooler than I was back then. In fact, she wouldn’t have been friends with me. My character is the girl I aspired to be at age 13. Isn’t that sort of sweet?

Back to work (revision), then to work (work).

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3 responses to “Still At It”

  1. Ah, revisions. Sounds fun. 🙂

    I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and giving me some great advice. I’ve been perusing your blog and website and I am very impressed!

    Congrats on the novel with S and S. They are my DREAM publisher! So, way to go. I read your story on the About Me link and it was both entertaining and inspiring.


  2. I applaud your work ethic. I know you’ve got a deadline, but still. I’ve been snowed in for 10 days now, and have I gotten work done? No! I’m ashamed of myself. I’m inspired by your posts.


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