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Writing Resolutions 2009

I was going to make a list. You know, do it up right. Use bullet points. Set target dates. I was going to set out viable, approachable writing goals for myself. No goals like “sign with a literary agent,” because I have absolutely no control over whether I can get myself an agent in 2009 and I don’t want to measure myself by outside forces; I have no power over what someone else will or will not love. So my goal is not to get an agent. I have a book coming out in September 2009, but my goals will not include aspiring to any kind of Amazon ranking, or selling enough copies to earn out my advance, or getting stars on reviews, or getting reviews at all, or even having some readers like it (though, believe me, I really really really really really am sitting here hoping some readers will like it). Again, all that: outside forces, relying on others, out of my control. My writing resolution is simply something I can make myself do before the year is over:

I will finish my new novel in 2009.

That’s it.

Happy New Year!

5 responses to “Writing Resolutions 2009”

  1. Best resolution I’ve read.
    And you will finish, I have every confidence.

    Also? I am totally pre-ordering your book but am curious how to get it autographed…

  2. Love the DN summary. The only tween book I’ve read (in ages) is the Twilight “series” and I will also confess to watching Gossip Girl when it’s on and I’m in the kitchen baking (yeah, right.).
    So kudos to you and it looks like you have lots of help but if you’d like some of us bloggers to write/post/review – anything at all – please don’t hesitate to ask. i’d be delighted to help out regarding a “blog tour.”

    And, Happy New Year, and happy thinking on the new book!

    signed, Oh

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