15 Minutes in the Spotlight

Yesterday evening I stood on a raised platform before rows of seats and read words I’d written out loud to few friends and mostly strangers. The light was on me, on the square where I stood, but not on the people in the audience, so when I looked out I saw only the faint outlinesContinue reading “15 Minutes in the Spotlight”

This is the Day You See Your Cover

It’s a weekday morning. You wake up. You head to your desk job. Your subway train is stalled in the tunnel for five extra minutes, which causes you to run to the office to make it on time and you narrowly avoid skidding on the slippery sidewalk and you step on your own scarf inContinue reading “This is the Day You See Your Cover”

Terrible Week of Fakeness, Wackness, Slacking, Dodging Umbrellas, Sleeping In

This was not a good week. My exhaustion followed me everywhere, forced me to sleep in, walked with me to work, made my eyes and limbs heavy, my brain a static-filled TV on mute. Tired physically. Tired mentally. Tired of the fake hellos and the shoulds and the shouldn’ts and the people who cannot beContinue reading “Terrible Week of Fakeness, Wackness, Slacking, Dodging Umbrellas, Sleeping In”