Dani & Untitled

I’ve posted a summary of DANI NOIR if you’re curious…

To update you more on DANI: The revision is in (!), the d&a payment will be coming soon (!), and next comes reviewing final line edits (!), reviewing copyedits and hoping the CE likes serial commas as much as I do (!), seeing 1st pass (!), and then? And then? And then waiting for the book to come out in September and freaking out about people actually reading it.

I’m working on ways to promote the book—website and beyond—which is hard, for someone as shy as me. If you have ideas please email me. Please.

The best thing to do now is work on a new novel, which I am all about finishing in 2009. I’m psyched to hear there are other writers first-drafting along with me! Keep me updated, okay? We can twitter at each other to keep ourselves writing (or from writing… maybe not such a good idea?).

To update you on the new novel, cleverly nicknamed UNTITLED: Wanna know how far I’ve got, day 2 of the new year?


I am thinking.

I am shaping.

I am inventing the arc of the story.

This takes time!

No, but seriously, I want to have a solid plan before I return to writing it because I will have a better chance of finishing it not just sooner but finishing it at all. That is my current Theory.

Back to “thinking,” “shaping,” and “inventing”… how ’bout you?

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