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Dani & Untitled

I’ve posted a summary of DANI NOIR if you’re curious…

To update you more on DANI: The revision is in (!), the d&a payment will be coming soon (!), and next comes reviewing final line edits (!), reviewing copyedits and hoping the CE likes serial commas as much as I do (!), seeing 1st pass (!), and then? And then? And then waiting for the book to come out in September and freaking out about people actually reading it.

I’m working on ways to promote the book—website and beyond—which is hard, for someone as shy as me. If you have ideas please email me. Please.

The best thing to do now is work on a new novel, which I am all about finishing in 2009. I’m psyched to hear there are other writers first-drafting along with me! Keep me updated, okay? We can twitter at each other to keep ourselves writing (or from writing… maybe not such a good idea?).

To update you on the new novel, cleverly nicknamed UNTITLED: Wanna know how far I’ve got, day 2 of the new year?


I am thinking.

I am shaping.

I am inventing the arc of the story.

This takes time!

No, but seriously, I want to have a solid plan before I return to writing it because I will have a better chance of finishing it not just sooner but finishing it at all. That is my current Theory.

Back to “thinking,” “shaping,” and “inventing”… how ’bout you?

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8 responses to “Dani & Untitled”

  1. I am just flipping back and forth between the synopsis and the Dani Noir website (fuchsia!) all while reading CRACKED UP TO BE and eeeeeee.

    I am willing to do any amount of publicity work you need. I can get you in touch with any of the YA authors I know who you don’t know (if there are any), I can send out press releases, I can get you in touch with bloggers and make buttons for sidebars and call bookstores and lots of other things (most of which e can probably do better than me but I am offering anyway). Also I will volunteer to write about the book nonstop on Twitter, but I am not sure that wouldn’t hurt more than it would help.

  2. Woo!

    Lady, I would love to have you and Courtney do a reading together at a series that I help host on 23rd Street. Something like “Gritty Sparkly YA Novels Night.” Let’s talk, yes? (Perfect excuse to drag Courtney into NYC!)


    I am so excited about Dani Noir! So, so, so, so excited. The synopsis (!!!!!!) makes me even more excited for the cover!!!!! I can’t wait to see the cover for your book!! I can’t wait to hold it in my hands! I CAN’T WAIT TO READ IT IS IT SEPTEMBER YET IS IT IS IT.

    And I am going to hold my breath until the website is live.

    & I’ll do absolutely anything and everything I can to get word out about Dani Noir, of course! ~Promo Posse~ represent!

  4. Thanks, you guys!

    #1 on the list for promoting Dani is definitely to get the website up. I have roped E into making it for me for free (the poor guy) and I have a ton of plans after talking to a friend of mine in publishing including all these supplementals I can do, taking off on themes from the book. Oh, poor E. I’m mentioning the url in my bio on the book jacket, so I want it to be AWESOME. Think black. Think magenta polka dots. Just like the girl in the polka-dot tights. I will say no more.

    The website won’t go live until after we have final cover art…

    And you know I MUST have a book trailer. (Hi, E. I love you.)

    As for readings, here’s a secret: I may be shy, but I love reading my fiction in front of people. It’s the weirdest thing. I can even make eye contact now, which I practiced at my last reading at Housing Works way back in… wow… was that 2006? Anyway, now, thanks to w, I have a fantasy of reading with Courtney! How cool would that be! !!!!!

    I don’t know bloggers, stuff to do like that, so I love any and all advice, and please feel free to throw ideas at me and tell me what to do. I want girls to find this book, and I hope they like it. (Oh and boys too.)


  5. Girl, I am going to break my non-young-adult reading ban for you (a bit jaded after Twilight) – your synopsis sounds AWESOME. Needless to say if you come to Pittsburgh you have a place to stay…you should look into reading at the Mystery Book Store in Pittsburgh – I bet a young adult spin would make them totally freak out. I can guarantee you some audience at least!

  6. Ohhh, I love (LOVE) Courtney’s idea to get you into mystery bookstores. I know there is one in the village near(ish) you guys and there must be others.

  7. Yes, you have to come to the bay area — there are so many wonderful independent bookstores!

    I’d love it if you’d do an interview for my blog. When you have time.

    But mostly, I want to say that the book itself sounds wonderful — you are amazing!

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