Before I Say One More Word…



Yes! That really is my cover! That gorgeous piece of art by the amazingly talented Marcos Calo! AND the scene continues onto the back cover, so there’s more art there and I’ll show it when it’s ready!

Stunned does not begin to describe it. Thank you to Marcos Calo and everyone at Simon & Schuster / Aladdin for this awesomeness, especially my editor K, who made all of this possible.

I have a cover! Can you deal?

(Now that I got this out of the way—tell me, how could I not share this, how?—I am now free to talk about everything else going on right now, including getting my copyedits for the first time last night, still working on the novel-long plan for my novel, gathering up freelance work in a panic, and in day-job news, devastating layoffs at my company that left me reeling, though, yes, I do still have a job, for the moment. But I’ll save all that for later. Because right now? COVER!)

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20 responses to “Before I Say One More Word…”

  1. o_O That is precisely the kind of cover that catches my attention before I even *think* about what genre it is.

    You’re certainly one lucky author ^_^


  2. Nova, you have no idea. We can hardly talk about anything but your cover. It’s the background on my desktop. It’s the most beautiful cover in the history of publishing. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.



    It is truly beautiful, Nova. And I know I keep saying this to you, but I want to hang it on the wall! Congratulations!! It’s so, so, so, so wonderful. And I can’t wait to read the pages behind it!!! Eeeeee!!


  4. Love this cover. Which also means, here’s a book I’d buy for its cover!!!! Of course, your story will top it all – definitely looking forward to it. How ya’ gonna give us all an e-autograph?


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