The First Monumental Word

I may have to give up on my search for the perfect first line. I keep going back for it. I haven’t made much progress at all with Attempt #3 at writing the new novel—yep, I went back not once but twice to start over from scratch. Drastic scratch. Brand-new and blank Word document, afterContinue reading “The First Monumental Word”

What Comes First, Redux

I’ve been tired, slogging through the days. Zombie-shuffling down hallways. Walking into walls—literally. Forgetting things people tell me. Shocked I haven’t made more mistakes. A big, monumental decision came last week. I’d really set myself up for a fall—I’d hung on to this dayjob that hasn’t laid me off yet while at the same timeContinue reading “What Comes First, Redux”

Book Trailer Fantasies

There is a lot that needs doing. I have a proofreading project due Monday morning. I have a novel aching to be written. Emails owed. Comments on friends’ fiction. Doctor’s appointment to make. Outline to reimagine now that my novel has taken a drastic turn into new territory. Pitch to write, now that a tweenContinue reading “Book Trailer Fantasies”