Book Trailer Fantasies

There is a lot that needs doing. I have a proofreading project due Monday morning. I have a novel aching to be written. Emails owed. Comments on friends’ fiction. Doctor’s appointment to make. Outline to reimagine now that my novel has taken a drastic turn into new territory. Pitch to write, now that a tween series idea took hold of me on the commute home last night and I want to get it down on paper. Apartment to clean, always an apartment to clean. Much more, I’m sure, that I am forgetting because I am always, always forgetting something.

But sometimes I get carried off into fantasyland and today’s fantasy involves my book trailer for DANI NOIR. I decided, months and months ago, that not only do I want to make a trailer to promote the book, I want to make a movie.


I want to shoot a scene for the trailer.

Totally unnecessary, I know—we can just make something in Flash. Totally insane, probably. Totally ridiculous—waiting for someone in the know to tell me this. But let me say: I am married to a talented director/DP. We’ve made short films together in NYC before. We’ve learned our lessons. And I want to call in favors. Maybe his friends from film school would help? Maybe someone would lend us a DV camera? Lights, anyone got lights? We could shoot it in one afternoon. We don’t need sync sound. We don’t need to cater the set, just buy everyone lunch and coffee. I have a spot downtown that I think would be perfect (we might need a film permit though).

Oh and we need an actress—a girl, age 12-17—two actresses, ideally, one about 13 and the other about 16. (Maybe, if my sister has time…)

I’ll produce, but I still need to convince my husband to be the director, cinematographer, and editor… Um, help?

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