Book Trailer Fantasies

There is a lot that needs doing. I have a proofreading project due Monday morning. I have a novel aching to be written. Emails owed. Comments on friends’ fiction. Doctor’s appointment to make. Outline to reimagine now that my novel has taken a drastic turn into new territory. Pitch to write, now that a tween series idea took hold of me on the commute home last night and I want to get it down on paper. Apartment to clean, always an apartment to clean. Much more, I’m sure, that I am forgetting because I am always, always forgetting something.

But sometimes I get carried off into fantasyland and today’s fantasy involves my book trailer for DANI NOIR. I decided, months and months ago, that not only do I want to make a trailer to promote the book, I want to make a movie.


I want to shoot a scene for the trailer.

Totally unnecessary, I know—we can just make something in Flash. Totally insane, probably. Totally ridiculous—waiting for someone in the know to tell me this. But let me say: I am married to a talented director/DP. We’ve made short films together in NYC before. We’ve learned our lessons. And I want to call in favors. Maybe his friends from film school would help? Maybe someone would lend us a DV camera? Lights, anyone got lights? We could shoot it in one afternoon. We don’t need sync sound. We don’t need to cater the set, just buy everyone lunch and coffee. I have a spot downtown that I think would be perfect (we might need a film permit though).

Oh and we need an actress—a girl, age 12-17—two actresses, ideally, one about 13 and the other about 16. (Maybe, if my sister has time…)

I’ll produce, but I still need to convince my husband to be the director, cinematographer, and editor… Um, help?

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9 responses to “Book Trailer Fantasies”

  1. let’s see what we can put together. i can get gear and crew no prob.


    ps. we don’t need no stinking permits. (really… faculty status is finally useful).


  2. I WANT TO DO SOMETHING! Please assign me a task. I could paint polka dots onto stockings. I could… actually, that’s the only useful thing I can think of.


  3. I am not producing! The director has someone more experienced in mind 🙂

    But I will be on the sidelines smiling freakishly and squealing!

    Also, I am pretty good at getting coffee.

    Wheee! I hope this happens!


  4. This so needs to happen! I wish so much I was over there I would love to be your script supervisor or just your fan. x


  5. I just want to write the book about your book and trailer and putting it all together.
    Wonderful ideas and hopefully your friends in the NYC vicinity will pitch in on this one. A book trailer – AWESOME!

    BTW, I know you’re busy and like you, I always think I’m forgetting something (because I am) but there’s a little “surprise” on my blog entry (sat, 3/14) for you. No, you don’t have to do any of the follow up. Just check it out for a “boost” in case you could use one.


  6. Tell me when, and I will cater. Pizzas or calzones, salad, and many, many baked goods. Seriously. It’s the least I can do. Don’t bother trying to say no. Just tell me where to be and what time. I’m there!


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