I am entrenching myself in a cocoon. No drinks out, no dinners, no phone calls please, no trips anywhere at all, no freelance projects (difficult when this broke), no expectations, no more things I have to do and can’t remember why I had to do them. No reasons, really, just feel like isolating, just feel very very tired. (I will be going to the doctor Tuesday morning.) Just feel like not being here, and I have to be somewhere five days a week—job—and after that I want to stuff cotton in my ears and pull my favorite cobalt blue sheet up over my head and wait there, wondering, till something good makes me want to peek out. I wore a nightgown under my clothes to work on Thursday; I am not 100%.

Writing a new book and each day I am winding closer in, but I’m not yet at the point of no return—where you can’t stop writing the book even if you tried. I want that.

In the meantime, isolation. In the meantime, patience, while I stack these words on top of words on top of words.

5 responses to “Cocoon”

  1. Nova — When you go to the doctor have her check your vitamin D. I did so a month ago and it turned out I was extremely deficient. She put me on prescription vitamin D and its like crack. I feel so much better. Better than I have for a few years. I take it 3 times a week. I could barely drag myself out of the chair before, and I’m feeling almost as good as new. Love.


  2. Fuck. We are in sync. Let’s get to the happy productive joyful blissful creative imaginative unblocked energized perfect part soon.


  3. I second the Vitamin D check – it really is the cause for so many maladies we would never suspect, and so easy to fix. With this kind of winter it’s really easy to become deficient, and it’s a very important vitamin.


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