That Thing I Shouldn’t Talk About

On my mind right now, that thing never to talk about in mixed company, or any company, ever: Money. Just came back from shocking someone into a stupor with the realities of our situation. I think she felt very sorry for us. Or thought we were very stupid. Or both. Hey, artists: If you’re seekingContinue reading “That Thing I Shouldn’t Talk About”

All the Things You Can Do When Not Writing

Sleep late Answer two dozen old emails Put away papers scattered all over the living room since late April Recycle old manuscripts Shred old rejection letters Watch Hollywood movie Attempt to find clothes to wear Give up Listen to playlist on repeat Organize finances Freak out Walk to Chinatown Eat far too much vegetarianContinue reading “All the Things You Can Do When Not Writing”

And Then… Sleep (+ Bonus Back Cover!)

I’ve been pushing myself for the past three weeks. May 1 was the day I picked my agent; three weeks later, May 22, was the day I turned in new chapters and revisions to the awesome agent after an hour of nerves over hitting Send. May 1, I had 25 pages; May 22, I hadContinue reading “And Then… Sleep (+ Bonus Back Cover!)”

So This Novel I’m Writing?

The one that’s consumed me all month? The one whose pages I covered in red pen this morning, slashing lines and scribbling details and hammering new paragraphs onto the backs of the paper then crossing them out? It’s going well, thank you. No, seriously. I got the 50 pages I needed to have a decent-sizedContinue reading “So This Novel I’m Writing?”

This Is the Day You Get a Literary Agent

I have news. From the title of this post you can surely guess what it is. But first let’s set the scene with some backstory. I don’t know about you, but this writer started off with a little misdirection. MFA program straight out of college before being ready, five years spent writing a novel thatContinue reading “This Is the Day You Get a Literary Agent”