That Thing I Shouldn’t Talk About

On my mind right now, that thing never to talk about in mixed company, or any company, ever: Money. Just came back from shocking someone into a stupor with the realities of our situation. I think she felt very sorry for us. Or thought we were very stupid. Or both. Hey, artists: If you're seeking … Continue reading That Thing I Shouldn’t Talk About

All the Things You Can Do When Not Writing

Sleep late Answer two dozen old emails Put away papers scattered all over the living room since late April Recycle old manuscripts Shred old rejection letters Watch Hollywood movie Attempt to find clothes to wear Give up Listen to playlist on repeat Organize finances Freak out Walk to Chinatown Eat far too much vegetarian … Continue reading All the Things You Can Do When Not Writing

One Week Later

So, guys? A week has passed and I've gone from complete shock to lesser shock to stunned silence to insane delirium to shock again to relief to happiness to wanting to sleep for days to writing up a storm of pages to— Just sitting here. Really, really excited.