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Am I Dreaming?

I think this actually happened. If not, please please don’t pinch me because I want to stay in it for a while longer.

Up early on a Thursday morning to work on the novel before heading to the dayjob.  My agent (Oh! did you see me type the words “my agent”?!) has me working hard on getting out some more pages and making this the best it can possibly be. Already he’s proven himself indispensable—from day 1, actually, hour 1, minute 1—and I can’t tell you how relieved and excited I am it turned out this way.

Never would have thought this would be happening right now, seriously.

If I’m sleeping and dreaming all this, I hope I don’t wake up until I finish at least 25 more pages.

Off to write…

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3 responses to “Am I Dreaming?”

  1. How wonderful for you. Enjoy this. You’ve worked hard for it.

    Oh, and write faster. Your adoring audience is waiting.


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