The First 25

Still here, working hard. The goal is to have 50 pages at least to show M (MY AGENT OMG!) as soon as is humanly possible. He’s not giving me any pressure at all; I’m the one giving myself all the pressure. I like pressure when there’s a point to it. I thrive under pressure; you will find that on my résumé.

I started with 25 pages, I just need 25 more. But 25 more good pages, not 25 pages to send M running for the hills. Also a more fleshed-out outline, you know, so people know for sure what happens in the book. Which will involve articulating what happens in the book, like in actual words.

I have been writing a lot this week, so I have 49 pages now. Wait, no. I just cut some pages. Now I have 42.

But every. word. matters. The amount of pages won’t matter if the words on them fall flat.

The first 25 pages I wrote, you know… the ones that caused all the commotion? They’re like your first love who you’ll carry in your heart always and no girlfriend afterward will ever compare. Will I, can I live up to the first 25?

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