All the Things You Can Do When Not Writing

Sleep late
Answer two dozen old emails
Put away papers scattered all over the living room since late April
Recycle old manuscripts
Shred old rejection letters
Watch Hollywood movie
Attempt to find clothes to wear
Give up
Listen to playlist on repeat
Organize finances
Freak out
Walk to Chinatown
Eat far too much vegetarian dim sum
Try not to step on dead fish
Head to Wholefoods to shop for diet food
Drop fruit
Wander around aisles saying, “I won’t eat that. I won’t eat that.”
Eat something
Walk home down Houston Street, dodging hipsters
Try not to think about book
Try not to obsess
Try not to worry
Freak out on Bleecker Street
Send angsty emails to angsty writer friends
Tweet about chicken
Eat a nectarine
Watch an indie movie
Stare at the ceiling
Wonder what will happen next?
Fall asleep not knowing
Wake up still not knowing


4 responses to “All the Things You Can Do When Not Writing”

  1. I just kept nodding my head as I slowly scrolled down and read each line. I know some of those items all too well.
    I hope the freaking out/worry has minimized or, even better, gone away & everything is well!!


  2. this entry is a favorite by its very topic alone. And it’s always interesting but more so, humorous to find those things writers do, or don’t do rather than approach the page. And doesn’t it help to write it down, because then, we are at least writing…something!


  3. Courtney, The freaking out completely subsided on Tuesday, when I talked to my agent, as planned. I’m ridiculous. I should’ve known it would be fine.

    Oh: I like the way you think! See? I did do some writing that weekend after all 😉


  4. Ms Nova, when you have time, you might read about Douglas Adams, a man who had a Legendary talent for missing deadlines by weeks. I am sure you will do fine, just save the cathartic shredding for a later time. It feels good whenever. A large bag of shreds safe to get rid of… Priceless!


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