I Love You, and You, and You, and…

Here are a few things I love: You know I love chocolate, that’s old news. I love stripes, though my passion for them can get me into dangerous territory when I have a striped shirt on and the only pants that are clean are the ones with the pinstripes and then I grab my wornContinue reading “I Love You, and You, and You, and…”

The Day You Thought Would Never Come

Something truly AMAZING has happened. Not revealing details here just yet, but I’ll give hints: It has to do with that incredible literary agent I signed with on May 1 and that new novel I’m in the midst of writing. Here’s another hint: It deserves CAKE. Technically, it deserves TWO CAKES. Something happens when yourContinue reading “The Day You Thought Would Never Come”

The Last of the Rejections

I’m nearing the end of my adult literary fiction rejections. One biggie came today—I expected it—and there are some story responses still trickling in, plus I think one more fellowship, and then I’m done. These things have been out for a while—since before all the good things started happening for me in April—and I justContinue reading “The Last of the Rejections”

Submission Avoidance*

Made some serious progress on plotting out this novel and deciding how it ends this weekend, but this morning woke feeling disconnected again, halfway hopeless, wondering if I’m making any sense on the page. I’m guessing I’m just anxious about submission time, whenever that will be, and making excuses to prolong this in-between stage whereContinue reading “Submission Avoidance*”