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I need some.

12 responses to “Confidence”

  1. maybe if we all stand at the edge of the campfire’s light and shout out at the darkness really loudly, we’ll bolster each other?

  2. You? You who had her pick of agents from the best of the best? Who now HAS one of the best and he LOVES what you’re writing?

    You’ve got something special there that you’re working on. Believe it! And be confident in what your agent is going to do with that something special!!!

  3. All your degrees and acronyms? You had me fooled. Confidence is simple. You are your last hope. No one is coming to save you(or help you write this book). As soon as you realize that, you realize your only choice is-you don’t have a choice. There you go. Now even the skeletons in your closet want you to succeed, and if that isn’t confidence inspiring then you truly are screwed.

      • No. We don’t know each other. However, I was disappointed to learn that you never changed your name. Still a little scared of him huh. I guess I can’t blame you for that. Maybe we’re all running a little low on angst these days. Good luck with your book Nova Ren. I’m pulling for you now, and I don’t normally do that so don’t let me down.

        • just to clear things up here… nova’s allowed to let anyone down she wants. especially people she doesn’t even know who give out cryptic advice on the internet. also, the “scared of him” comment was/is incorrect and completely ridiculous of a person who has never met her to throw out there.

  4. Yikes!

    I know, I know, I know… insecurities are such a waste of time. It’s ANNOYING.

    I will be turning in the plot summary tomorrow. Finishing it up now. Then we’ll see what the universe will bring next…

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