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Hours from the Information Blackout

For those of you keeping score, I finished revising the plot synopsis! There were a few days when the synopsis was winning and I was down on the ground eating dirt, but I picked myself up and went back in. And, now, you know what? The book is so much better for it. It was worth all the hard work.

Which brings me to what I am going to say next.

Starting tomorrow, this blog will stop talking about the above-mentioned novel. We are entering an information blackout period in which that particular novel will be stricken from our vocabulary, censored, and scrambled from view. What novel, whose novel, where?

It’s another behind-the-scenes moment, and I have no idea how long it will last.

In the meantime, it has been suggested that I need a hobby. I need to be distracted; I’m not just saying that to avoid the guilt over watching TV. Possibilities: I wish I’d learned how to skateboard, but if I tried now I would surely break my face. Baking? I could blow up the apartment. Knitting is not for me. Napping is depressing, and not really a hobby. Should I rent a Wii?

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6 responses to “Hours from the Information Blackout”

  1. I like yoga but it can be expensive. I am beginning to like gardening, but that is probably difficult in NYC…hmmm…really, most of my time is spent writing or revising or reading or researching and so I guess beyond the above mentioned I don’t really have a hobby per se…
    you could come here and help us rehab our house. It’s a nightmare project. you could have your own falling apart room to write in. Rehabbing – NOT a hobby, for future reference…

  2. How about writing? I’ve heard it’s relaxing, a good way to make friends, and you can even make some money.

    Okay, okay, that wasn’t really all that funny.

    Maybe reading? Or how about organizing things?

  3. Eeeeeee!

    Also: YES, RENT A WII.

    And then come back and talk about how awesome it is.

    Whether or not you do will determine whether or not I get a Wii.

    But no pressure. 😉

  4. Thanks, all!

    As for the Wii… I’m afraid. Say I rent a Wii. Say I start playing with the Wii and love it so much and stay up all night and forget to eat and call in sick to work and realize I can’t continue living life without the Wii so I never leave the apartment and stop getting dressed or taking showers? Then what happens when I’m supposed to work on the novel again? Sorry, can’t, now I have a Wii?

    I am easily addicted. The Wii could quite possibly be the death of me.

    Then again, I still want to try it. I like danger.

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