Hey, Did You Know You Could Read Chapter 1 of DANI NOIR Online?

I didn’t, until I made the post below and added a link to Simon & Schuster’s website. There, I happened upon the excerpt, freaked out for a solid 60 seconds, then decided to share it with all of you.

Go on. Make me nervous. Go read chapter one!

p.s. The book is for tweens (ages 9-14). Fair warning!

9 responses to “Hey, Did You Know You Could Read Chapter 1 of DANI NOIR Online?”

  1. Well, I had to follow your link and I had to read your first chapter and even though i should be outdoors doing homeowners stuff like watering the flowers and weeding between the brick paths and sweating, I have to say…I like it. Better than that, I’ll buy it.

    You’ve kept that balance between real character and just-a-little-too-much character…what do I mean? I mean I like your character’s language and don’t find her unbelievably over the top and she is intelligent and well, there’s a great deal to say, and it’s all good.

    So you can stop holding your breath. It’s scary to put it out there, but oh, it’s so worth it. Thanks for pointing us to it.

    It’s gonna rock! and glad you’re on your next book, too!


  2. It’s terrific! I love how you married Dani’s understanding that her mother was wronged with her lack of sufficient life experience to understand her mother’s prolonged grief. The narration was smart, yet age appropriate, and completely engaging. I’m looking forward to reading more.


  3. Oh, Nova, it’s WONDERFUL! Really, really wonderful. I want to read more of it right this very second. Can’t wait until it comes out. So engaging, so well-written. (Made me scratch my mosquito bites!) Cheers to you!


  4. mmrf… sorry, this isn’t about the post here (though I was a bit shy about saying, yay, I read the first chapter, and it was a neat grabbing voice.) 😀

    but the point here is that, oops, I’d just added a friend on FB (from grad school) and saw you on her friend’s list, went ‘heyo!” and clicked ‘add’ without thinking, when you don’t know me, my name, and I just have a one-sided relationship with your lovely blog. so, this is a warning and an apology.

    *facepalms* for blogs and this phantom sense of familiarity that adds to mini freakouts.


  5. Wow, this is the first time i come here but wow, your story well the first chapter is A M A Z I N G !!
    I love writing, but I’m not very good at English ( well I can write but I don’t know enough vocabulary , I get a little[way too much] repetitive but I’m trying and I just created a blog of my own, hope that some day you will make me the honor of looking at it :))).
    Keep up the good job, when I go to an anglophone country I’ll look for your book

    P.S : I’m french :]


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