Done and Undone

I finished a new chapter today! Wheeeee! I finished the chapter, yes. I did do that. Technically.* But in order to spend the time finishing the chapter, I wasn't able to: talk to anyone but the barista; return the phone call; work more on the promotion stuff; update the websites; upload the postcards** to get … Continue reading Done and Undone

Days After the Day Your Book Comes Out

Wednesday, the day after the day my book came out, I wore gray pants and a gray shirt. One sock had pale stripes and the other sock had dark stripes, but they both had stripes, so I call it a match. At the café, I ordered my usual. Then I dropped change all over the … Continue reading Days After the Day Your Book Comes Out

High Contrast

Thinking about black-and-white lately. Thinking in black-and-white. You know, there was a time when I almost didn't become a writer... I was maybe going to try to be a photographer instead. Back then, I did not do digital photographs. Horrors. I loved it old-school, with the stink on your hands and the possibility at every … Continue reading High Contrast

The New Look

You may have noticed that a few things about this blog have changed, the layout mostly. I've struggled and pondered over what to do here. I've questioned deleting the whole thing, or at least numerous posts. I even polled strangers, hoping you'd help me decide. The biggest response to that poll was to keep the … Continue reading The New Look