The Day Your Book Comes Out

I checked the mirror yesterday and I didn’t look any different, as far as I could tell. The skies didn’t part and shine rainbows over me as I walked the sidewalks yesterday. No butterflies danced around my head. Strangers did not stop me on street corners to ask me to autograph their bare stomachs. IContinue reading “The Day Your Book Comes Out”

When I Thought I’d Give Up

Today, you will find me sitting here feeling grateful I stuck it out. Sitting here in that contemplative mood we writers get in when good things happen and/or when bad things happen and you can’t make sense between the two. Because you know it could have gone another way—easily. In about a week the firstContinue reading “When I Thought I’d Give Up”

High Contrast

Thinking about black-and-white lately. Thinking in black-and-white. You know, there was a time when I almost didn’t become a writer… I was maybe going to try to be a photographer instead. Back then, I did not do digital photographs. Horrors. I loved it old-school, with the stink on your hands and the possibility at everyContinue reading “High Contrast”

Secrets Revealed, Books Given Away

Who would star in the movie of your life? If you could live inside a children’s book, which one would you choose? And, most significantly—and think hard on this one—if you could have one superpower and one superpower only, what in the world would it be?! I’ve answered these questions and more in an interviewContinue reading “Secrets Revealed, Books Given Away”

Novel Under Construction

Sometime this summer a section of a city block near my apartment was demolished. I can’t recall when it happened. All I know is that, for weeks, maybe even months, I’ve been walking past this hole of dirt blocked off with Under Construction signs, not paying it any mind. Things change often around here. It’sContinue reading “Novel Under Construction”