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Pretend You Had the Time…

Downtown Dallas - Train Stop Clock Explore #382 photo via Flickr by Don3rdSE
"Downtown Dallas – Train Stop Clock Explore #382" photo via Flickr by Don3rdSE

If you had time—the time to write your book, the time to work on a proposal for a new book, the time to promote the book you just published, the time to go to events and the time to sleep enough hours a night, the time to tackle the laundry pile, time to clean and time to focus, time to make sure you don’t ruin your relationship with the one you love, time to be productive, time to work harder than you’ve ever worked to prove you’re worth it… if you had that time, how would you keep yourself organized?

With all the time in the world I’m realizing there are more and more ways to waste it.

I have a lot to do. The most important deadline of my life is looming—and when I have the time to face it I want to be ready.

I could make a list. But I have a way of writing lists in random places, then losing the list and starting a new list somewhere else.

I’ve tried making lists on my computer—then I forget I made them.

I’ve tried reminders in my online calendar—I ignore them.

Should I plan out each day like a school schedule? Should I save certain days for certain things? Should I wing it and hope for the best?

So… pretend you have the gift of time. How do you make the best use of it?

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4 responses to “Pretend You Had the Time…”

  1. I am afraid I would do the same thing with the gift of time that I do with everything else… forget how precious it is.

    I believe, however, if I had ALL the time I wanted/needed, then I would spend weeks upon weeks with my children uninterrupted. We’d hike, swim, skate, play wii, read, write, visit grandma, etc. Then I’d do all my chores and invite as many people over for dinner every week as I wanted to. If I had plenty of time, that wouldn’t be an issue, would it?

    I’d also write, write and write some more!

    I’d have dates with my hubby (more than once every 6 months).
    I’d spend weeks with my mama and sister (other than the holidays).

    I’d visit all those places I’ve wanted to visit and I’d take as many pics as I wanted to. I’d have plenty of time to go through them, right? 🙂

    Is that a long enough answer? Sorry! Time is one of those things that passes too quickly – even though it’s forever. And I never, ever seem to have enough of it!


  2. As a school teacher, each June I’m handed the gift of some Time, and I know how easy it is to blink and find that it’s September and the Time has gone.

    Figure out some sort of structure – whether it’s a set wake up time, a designated time to workout, or a plan to meet a friend for coffee or a walk midafternoon.

    I find when I have something to break up the “free” time, I am much more likely to use the rest of my day wisely.

    And ENJOY!

  3. Yes! Plan out each day like a school schedule, lol! I totally do that 🙂

    Ummm, stay away from the internet… and the TV… go for a walk at some point in the day.

    I have to have something solid and official to do in the morning to start the day. Right now it’s taking hubby to work, and God bless the day it will be taking the kid to school 🙂

  4. Plan the time, absolutely. Schedule yourself for time at your writing place, time to answer emails, time for promotion and marketing, and time to relax with your sweetie. Set your alarm every day as if you were going to work, because you are–writing is a job like any other, except that the only boss is you. So don’t cheat yourself.

    Tell others your schedule, too. It helps to have a friend say “wait, why are you emailing me now–isn’t this your writing time?” Let them know “I’m unavailable from this time to this time because I’m working.”

    Leave yourself some “free time” blocks as well, though. That way you can pencil in last-minute errands, sudden revisions, meetings, and so on. And if you have nothing that needs to be done during one of those blocks, enjoy it!

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