Stay Tuned for the New, Improved, and Hopefully Way More Prolific Me

Next week I’m starting this whole new routine where I write till my fingers fall off. Or maybe till just seconds before they fall off, so I still have fingers for tomorrow. Basically, I’m going to be writing. Every single day.

What I’m writing is the most favorite thing I’ve ever written. I’ve never loved a manuscript this much. I’ve never *felt* a manuscript this much.

It’s due to my editor Feb. 1.

I want to give my agent time with it, so he’s getting it for a New Year’s present.

That’s about two months from now. Count the days and tell me I can do it.

Plans for next week? Large blocks of writing time, sans internet. Mochas galore to help keep the energy up. A Twitter hiatus, to be announced soon, but you may have heard hints of it, and typing, lots of it, pages, lots of them.

Hey, did I ever show you the “book gift” my mom got me when DANI NOIR came out? She said that every time I publish a book, she’ll get me a special present to commemorate it. She’s wonderful, I love her so much! This is the book gift that spoke to her this time:

book gift
The "book gift" from my mom

It hangs low, resting near my heart. I think I’ll wear it on Monday.

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6 responses to “Stay Tuned for the New, Improved, and Hopefully Way More Prolific Me”

  1. I envy you that necklace!

    Say, what’s going on? I saw on Facebook that you had a farewell work party. So, I came here to get the scoop…Did you quit your job to write full time? If so, then AWESOME!


  2. Yay for you for writing your most favorite manuscript ever! I wish you nothing but goodness. And I totally want that necklace. 🙂


  3. Love love love your necklace! And I seriously envy how in love you are with your manuscript… sigh…


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