End-of-Year Hiatus

Those who read this blog know that I am on high alert, actively pursuing my manuscript deadline, and getting concerned at the quickly passing days. Over the months, I've tried many things to get myself there. I've tried new schedules. I've blocked myself from Twitter for short bursts (some of you may remember the Twitter … Continue reading End-of-Year Hiatus

How the Signing Went, Me on Buzzine

Two things. First, check out the interview of me on Buzzine.com, all about DANI NOIR, what it is about the Hudson Valley that inspires my author’s imagination, what’s so healing about the alternate reality of the movies, and more. I was so excited to be interviewed by the talented writer and blogger Charlotte Otter! Thank … Continue reading How the Signing Went, Me on Buzzine

Happy Novel

Report from the trenches: Now certainly past the 50,000-word mark and trying not to count words till we're done. 50,000 in the rearview; still going. It's best to avoid counting; this way we won't freak out about being over word count and freak out more about scaring our agent and editor into thinking we're writing … Continue reading Happy Novel