End-of-Year Hiatus

Those who read this blog know that I am on high alert, actively pursuing my manuscript deadline, and getting concerned at the quickly passing days. Over the months, I’ve tried many things to get myself there. I’ve tried new schedules. I’ve blocked myself from Twitter for short bursts (some of you may remember the TwitterContinue reading “End-of-Year Hiatus”

How the Signing Went, Me on Buzzine

Two things. First, check out the interview of me on Buzzine.com, all about DANI NOIR, what it is about the Hudson Valley that inspires my author’s imagination, what’s so healing about the alternate reality of the movies, and more. I was so excited to be interviewed by the talented writer and blogger Charlotte Otter! ThankContinue reading “How the Signing Went, Me on Buzzine”

Please Do Not Send YA

I had a wonderful, inspiring time at the Tin House Workshop in the summer of 2008. So much so, that I considered applying again for this summer. Then I read the application guidelines. They say: “Please do not send newspaper articles, genre fiction, or children’s or young adult literature.” Funny, because the story I workshoppedContinue reading “Please Do Not Send YA”

Signing at Hometown Bookstore

When I was a tween and a teenager I was obsessed with a few things (particular music, particular poets, particular boys), but the biggest obsession had to be books. I never left home without one. In my household, being between books and not sure what to read next was called being “bookless,” and this afflictionContinue reading “Signing at Hometown Bookstore”

Just Because

Wanting to disappear a little. Do you ever feel disconnected? Misunderstood? Missed in the night? Want to curl up with your manuscript and pull a blanket over your head and not come out for hours and hours except for dinner, and if dinner could be delivered to you under the blanket even better? Because mostContinue reading “Just Because”

Me on the WBBT & the Last Contest (?)

The Winter Blog Blast Tour is under way this week—check out the lineup—and you’ll find me featured today on Shelf Elf. I talk about the writing rules I set for myself because I am a ridiculous person who likes to make up rules and then break them, I talk about the things that inspire me,Continue reading “Me on the WBBT & the Last Contest (?)”

Wrote, Edited, Interviewed, Boxed, Deadlined

Today, in no particular order, I: Wrote. Edited what I wrote. Wrote some more. Was interviewed on “A Passion for Books”—here you’ll find me talking about the voice of DANI NOIR, my most favorite and least favorite characters, and plans for future novels. (See item #6 on this list.) Opened a PO Box. When IContinue reading “Wrote, Edited, Interviewed, Boxed, Deadlined”

Pressure, Now Fully Illustrated

*Pressure* Feeling it. I pressure myself more than anyone else does. Do you ever feel like you’re running behind yourself, screaming in your own ear to pick up the pace? Move faster. Think up a better word. Write a better book than last time. Write a better book than you think you’re writing now. DoContinue reading “Pressure, Now Fully Illustrated”

A Young Writer’s Big Dreams

In emailing with another writer about her book out on submission I admitted that one of the publishers she’d mentioned had been my Dream Publisher when I was a young writer just starting out. Which reminded me of the Big Dreams that young writer had, dreams she lugged around for years. Her Big Dreams wereContinue reading “A Young Writer’s Big Dreams”