My First Twitterless Morning

What’s going on? I’m on Twitter Break Nov. 1-7.

To hear my original confession and Twitter-free vow (and to join me if you feel you need to), see this daring announcement.

And check out Suz’s post. As she says:

Would you like to join this Twittercation? Do it! You can! I know you’re strong enough. Sure, will the yahoo headlines still tempt you? Will blogs somehow become your only lifeline to the outside world? Maybe. But you can beat them. You can beat the internet beast and finish your work!!!

If you’d like to join, find us on Twitter and feel free (pun intended) to blog about it! This is going to be the most productive week ever. I might even have time to clean my house!!!

Yay, Suz! Maybe I’ll clean my apartment too.

And others are joining us! Check out Jessica Capelle’s post as she jumps in to NaNoWriMo! Go, Jessica!

* * *

As for me… How am I holding up? Any withdrawal symptoms yet? Well, let’s just say E did not have to board me up in the bedroom with cans of soup, water, and a puke bucket last night. I’m perfectly fine without Twitter (and Facebook), so far.

I ended up going dark earlier than expected, since yesterday was Halloween, so I guess sometime this afternoon it’ll be 24 hours. I haven’t written a word of my novel yet, but the morning is still new.

I didn’t write last night after locking myself out of Twitter for a week, but something a little magical did happen. I got up the courage to tell E the idea for my next YA novel, book #2 on my contract, which no one on the planet has heard about yet. And he liked it! It’s all so flimsy and hazy right now—and it’s for the future, since I have to finish this book first—but I saw it so clearly, clearer than I have in a long time. Maybe I think better when I’m not constantly tweeting the inane details of my life.

These are my writing goals for my Twitterless, Facebookless, (also workless) week:

  1. Finish this chapter
  2. Write a whole other chapter
  3. Complete the drafts of at least two pitches for new tween novels
  4. STAY OFF TWITTER, no matter what it takes

We have one week without all that noise in our heads. What are your plans?

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