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Nearing the End of My First Full Day without Twitter*

Just got home from a writing date with a fellow writer at a local café—fun! I hope we can keep doing that. It keeps me honest.

Soon as I got home I would have tweeted this, but alas, I’ll have to blog it instead:

Goal 1 during Twittercation was to finish this chapter I’ve been struggling over. Guess what? Wrote to the end 2day! Twitter-free is working

That’s 140 characters, exactly. Can’t stop myself, can I?

So I can *almost* cross something off my list. Really my chapter isn’t done till I do a few little things to it. (See the post where I confess to my senseless first-draft method.) But I’m getting closer!

And others are joining in the Twitter Break Nov. 1-7 too: Here’s a great post from Karen Mahoney. She says:

I’m officially on Twitter Break November 1-7. Authors Nova Ren Suma and Suzanne Young came up with the idea of a one-week Twitter recess to kickstart productivity for the month of November. I am joining in with lots of other writers who have faced the sad fact of their growing Twitter addiction. (“My name is Karen, and I am a Twit.”) I’m sure we’ll all be back on the 8th with LOTS to tweet about, but for one week I’ll be revising, reading, writing and blogging. The blogging won’t change! I’m not that strong. *g* Day One Twitter-free, and I’m happy to report no withdrawal symptoms at all. We’ll see what happens later in the week…

I love that. So… here goes: My name is Nova, and I am a Twit.

(So ashamed.)

* And I am still breathing.

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7 responses to “Nearing the End of My First Full Day without Twitter*”

  1. Hooray! So glad to hear it is going well, and thank you for inspiring me to do the same albeit with Facebook, where I lurk for hours playing Scrabble.

    I’ve finished a chapter, launching me into the last third of draft two, and polished my query. Very productive first day.

    • Yay, Charlotte! What an amazingly productive day!

      And I’m off Facebook too — I have no idea what’s going on with my family without it! (Let alone the fact that I could not play Scrabble if I really really wanted to play Scrabble.)

  2. As I told my family this morning, the Internetz are so boring without Twitter! (And on this, a day with an extra hour.) I miss it, but I’m strong and will NOT tweet or even check on my tweeps or to see how many time Britney sneaked in to follow me so I could block and report her as spam AGAIN. But on this day I successfully stayed away, I was able to get a good start on my new MG — not a lot by NaNo standards and goals, but terrific for me. I liked what happened when I sat down at my old desktop and wrote without Twitter distractions.

    I also realized I’m going to have to manage my Twitter time better when this break is over — don’t know what that will mean or how I will do it, but it will have to be different.

  3. Nova – So impressed with this. I was going to join you, I really was, but… but… I’ve only just joined Twitter. That’s a lame reason, I know. But maybe I can use Twitter as a forum in which to fight the good fight in favour of the first person narrative. In time, the world will be converted. (On second thoughts, maybe I’ll wait till November 8th so you can help me?)

  4. I am doing amazingly well without Twitter… But then, as you know I am sneakily filling the gap with Verla’s. 😉

    I didn’t get much done yesterday, but I *did* finish the book I was reading. I consider this to be productive and very important. I don’t do much writing-work on Sundays; I’ve always tried to treat it as a day of rest – when I can. Today, however, I am working on a short story I have due. Twitter-free, of course!

    Good luck this week, and thanks for the link.

  5. It’s harder than I thought! I keep instinctually going to click on the icon or thinking of things I HAVE to share in 140-character bursts.

    Perhaps by the 7th we’ll be done our withdrawal? Or maybe our boosted productivity will motivate me to not go back? *horrified gasp*

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