Of Course This Happens the Week I Can’t Log in to Twitter or Facebook

Don’t you love it when you take a public vow to stay off social-networking sites and on day 2 of your great show of restraint you get the fantastic news that your book was listed on Amazon.com’s Editors’ Picks of the “Top 10 Children’s Books: Middle Readers” for 2009?

That actually happened today. Really. Here’s the list… scroll down to number 10!

But I can’t tell everyone on Twitter and Facebook! What timing do I have or what? If you don’t tweet something, did it even happen?

Don’t worry. I know this is a test. You can’t make me log in, Twitter!

I won’t do it.

Not even to tweet that!

(Oh, Twitter, I miss you soooooo much!)

So… anyway… I’m feeling pretty good this week. Feeling good about my novel. Feeling good about recent choices. Feeling good about certain people. Recent bouts of insecurity are being buried. I keep stomping them down like that time I killed the giant cockroach that was terrorizing us when I worked at Penguin. I used an empty trash can and my feet. That thing was enormous! I felt very brave.

Went to sleep last night and while drifting off I had a *MOMENT* thinking about one of the characters in the novel I’m writing now. You know those moments. I was half-asleep, so comfortable, but I had to climb down out of the loft bed and go into the next room for pen and paper to write some stuff down. Love it when that happens.

I am also getting excited about these ideas for new tween novels that I’m working on… just nervous to show my husband and my agent. In my head, the ideas have potential… hope they hold up.

One last thing: I’ve started my new writing routine today. Some of my friends know. One of my writer friends sent me an email and this was the subject line:


Love it. Love her!

Back to writing.


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