Naked, Exhausted, Lost My Shoes

Day—what is this… Day 3?—without Twitter and Facebook was a great success. Everyone in this chapter got naked. Pages spilled out of me. What I thought was one chapter is now apparently two. I’m so happy with it, I could cry.

That’s all. Crawling home now. Where are my shoes?

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7 responses to “Naked, Exhausted, Lost My Shoes”

  1. Try looking next to the gin bottle. Or wear the shoes one of your friends left. I been there before, plastered I mean. Luckily I don’t need shoes.


  2. Nova,
    I popped over here to tell you how much I love your book – I picked it up randomly from the shelf because the cover is so fabulous. Then I read the first line and was sold. 🙂 In fact, I wasn’t even thinking about my kids when I picked it up.

    I just blogged about it’s fabulous cover, and then when I saw your name on the blue boards, I thought I’d click on your blog and tell you *in person*. 😉


    • Oh, thank you so much! I’m so glad to hear you liked the book! And I agree: wow, did I get lucky with that truly fabulous cover!


  3. Thanks, all! I found my shoes and made it home safely last night.

    New day. Still no Twitter, no Facebook. Starting a brand-new chapter. I’m sure I’ll blog 17 times about it today since I can’t tweet 😉


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