This Post Will Not Mention the Word “Twitter”

Oops. Just mentioned it in the title.

Anyway, today is Tuesday. Did you know that? I feel all out of sorts—but in a good way. In a close-to-your-novel kind of way, like we’ve been hiding out together in a tent and haven’t yet opened the flap to see what’s going on outside.

So the writing feels nice and sharp, but I’m not spitting out pages left and right, either. (I’m still writing over what I already put down for that chapter: adding scenes, slimming others, refining sentences, kicking out others… it’s my process! Don’t judge! I judge myself enough about it already.)

The goal was to start a new chapter this afternoon.

That won’t happen.

But I think it’s likely I could start the new chapter tomorrow!

So my three writing goals of…

  • Finish a chapter
  • Write a whole new chapter
  • Complete first drafts of two tween pitches

…all by November 8, well, maybe just maybe it’s all possible.

Without the unmentionable monster of distractions, Suz is shooting for 20 pages today… She’s amazing! (Also, so funny.)

Victoria inspires me to stay disciplined.

I have some kind writer friends whose emails have been so welcomed, thank you! I keep turning wifi on and off to stay away from further distractions… but as you can see by this sneaky little blog post, I’m back online. Now I’d like lunch, but I don’t want to leave my desk. Anyone in the Village want to bring me a slice of pizza? A knish? Anyone, anyone?

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