In Which I Distract Myself by (1) Telling You About an Interview and Giveaway, (2) Revealing My Surprising Affection for Jay-Z, and (3) Assuring You I’m Keeping My Clothes on Today


Would you like to win a copy of DANI NOIR, the tween novel I wrote about liars, cheaters, and Rita Hayworth? Check out the interview of me in Joëlle Anthony’s “Wild Card Wednesday” series, where I talk about such things as Go Ask Alice, Paris (France, not Hilton), and the coolest thing to happen to me since selling my first book, which is directly related to a certain someone mentioned on this blog yesterday.

If you comment on Joëlle’s blog or email her through the contact page, you could win a DANI. I’ll even scribble in it (i.e., I will sign it). Check out the interview here. Thanks so much, Joëlle!

(I can’t tweet this till November 8 because I am still in exile. But if you’re on Twitter and want to tweet it for me, thank you!)


Those who know me, or who know my station, know I like my songs slow and slightly emo. And this is true. But I also like Jay-Z. Jay-Z isn’t emo at all! Are you shocked?

I have an embarrassing habit. It’s called listening to “Empire State of Mind” over and over and over again even though that song has nothing whatsoever to do with my new novel, and may in fact make me think of my next novel, the one I’m keeping secret for a bit longer, and so I really shouldn’t be distracting myself by listening to it, but I can’t help it. My writing sort of speeds up when I listen to it. I love New York, but you knew that already.

I just really love songs about how wonderful New York City is. I should start a playlist. What else would you add to the list? Comment below, or email me. I’m serious. If we move away from NYC this spring, an I ((heart)) NY playlist is even more imperative.


Yesterday, I went wild. Those scenes were coming out of me faster than I could type them out! I wrote for hours and hours, not having to stop because I didn’t have to go to my day job, not having to stop because all I had to do was write this book, not having to stop because E was out teaching and I could stay at my writing spot as long as I wanted, and it was the most exhilarating, exhausting experience I’ve had in months. The lights went off, and it was dark, and I was typing too fast to even put the lamp on. It was incredible.

I. Love. Writing. This. Novel.

When you love writing something, does it come through in the scenes? When you one day read this book, if you kindly decide to in 2011 when it will hopefully come out, will you be able to tell how much of me has gone into it? The love and desperation and passion and the shoes lost and the meals missed and the hours and hours and hours spent pounding out those pages?

I feel calmer today. No one’s getting naked. But, after yesterday, I’m still catching my breath.

Off to write a new chapter! (And p.s. Still no Twitter or Facebook till November 8.)

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