You May Not Want to Hear This

Courtney, I know I’m still “on notice.” You may want to plug your ears…

This week without Twitter has been a MAJOR SUCCESS so far!

Suzanne Young FINISHED HER BOOK TODAY! In awe, Suz, in awe!

I… okay, I didn’t finish a book. Not even close. But I wrote an entire chapter. In one day. (Side note: I am not a fast writer; I am rarely, if ever, able to write that much in one sitting.) (Side note to first side note: I will go back to the chapter and line-edit, rewrite, and play around freely tomorrow, but that still doesn’t change the fact that the base words of an entire chapter exist where before there weren’t any, and it happened in just one day!) (Side note to all future side notes: My thumb hurts from constantly smacking the space bar. Writing takes not just discipline, inspiration, tenacity, confidence, and at least some smidge of talent; it also takes strong thumbs.)

One problem with all this inspired writing is that I am *very behind* with a bunch of things that needed to be done this week… can’t blame Twitter for that though.

So you all know: Of course I’m going back on Twitter and Facebook as soon as I wake up on November 8.  But I want to change the way I use these sites. I want to have balance, to be focused when I’m writing and not click back and forth. I don’t want to annoy all my “friends” by blasting inane updates just because I can. There must be a way to have an online existence and be a writer who reaches her deadlines. There must.

I’m going to go sit on the couch and rest my thumb. It seriously really hurts.

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