Drowning Out the Voices in My Head

I will no longer be taking calls from the various personalities inside my brain who have been known to say things like “You aren’t good enough, you aren’t fast enough, you don’t deserve it, you won’t make it,” “You think THAT’S a nice sentence?” or the especially dreaded and apropos: “Don’t quit your day job, babe.”

I will listen to the voices who say, “Please make an effort to wear matching clothes today.” Or “Makeup was invented for a reason, dahling.” Or “You cannot eat chocolate pudding for dinner.”

Today I’ve been Twitter-free for five days. You’d think I’d be really on top on things, but I’m behind with blog interviews and I’ll get to them ASAP. Household chores too. The novel just needs lots of attention. There is so much I need to do, I had to make a difficult schedule choice today to keep up the momentum, and I had to turn down a rush freelance job, and I hope those weren’t mistakes. I’m just still getting myself settled and figuring things out. Maybe I’ll be better balanced next week.

Speaking of, to those who received my freak-out emails this week, I’m sorry. I owe you. Freak out to me anytime. And starting next week I will try to limit myself to two—count them, two—freak-out emails a week. If you get one, feel special.

Progress on the writing sans Twitter? These were my goals:

  1. Finish a chapter: DONE!
  2. Write a whole new chapter: aaaaaaalmost done!
  3. Finish two tween pitches: not done yet.

p.s. I would have tweeted this little factoid, but I can’t, so you will have to sit through it being here at the bottom of this post: The New York Public Library is carrying my book! I’ve been secretly checking because I’ve been a library fiend ever since I was a tween. Not only will the NYPL be carrying—or is already carrying—DANI NOIR, there’s a copy on order for my very own local branch! (I owe them $2.50 in fines… do you think they’ll stamp “DEADBEAT” on my book cover so borrowers can see?)

p.p.s. I think my intense writing session, the one that broke my thumb, also may have messed up my mouse pad. It won’t click in the middle. How will I explain this to the Apple Store?

p.p.p.s. I am about to break 50,000 words on my novel. Will there be confetti at this milestone? Will there be balloons?

p.p.p.p.s. I miss Twitter. Can you tell?


5 responses to “Drowning Out the Voices in My Head”

  1. Nova!

    I’ve failed my Twitter-free today…but for good reason. I got to announce my first professional sale – a short story for an anthology!

    So I thought I’d come clean here and now and tell you.

    But, I’d also like to add, that I was on there for maybe five minutes and then was booted off again by a friend who knows about my Twitter-free promise.

    So..only a small slide. 😉


    • Congrats, Liz! I think that’s a wonderful, wonderful reason for letting go of the Twitter break. I wish I’d been there to cheer about your announcement. I’ll just have to do that a few days late on November 8!


  2. Nova, I vastly prefer the voices that gently remind you about pants and nutrition to those other nasty ones. Is there some sort of do-not-call list for these types of things?


  3. We’re almost there! It’s like, what, ONE more day, right??

    Oh man, I am so proud of you for lasting this long. Hell, I didn’t think *I* would last this long! But I def. changed my password to something involving the word “quitter” and I am NOT a Twitter Quitter.

    And as for the voices, I DISAGREE with the one saying chocolate pudding isn’t a valid dinner option. Just needed to get that off my chest.


  4. 50,000 words? Definitely confetti. Definitely balloons. And possibly a parade of elephants tooting their trumpets! Congrats!


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