Tomorrow We Can Be Human Again

Twitter Break ends tomorrow. We can tweet again with impunity. We can RT to our heart’s content. We can stalk any publishing professionals we want without getting arrested. And, hey, we can take every single ridiculous, grammatically painful quiz on Facebook and no one can stop us! (Maybe I’ll keep on abstaining from that last one.)

I know there were some other writers who were thinking of joining me for Twitter (and Facebook) Break… wonder how it went for them. Hey, Rachel, Victoria, Tiffany, Martha, Jessica, Karen, Debbie, Valerie, Laura, Yojo, Eliza, Charlotte, Liz, Nan, Laura, Rajat, Sarah Jane, how’d it go? Tell me one of you magically wrote a whole novel this week. If you did, I’ll never log in to Twitter again. I know Suz rocked it.

As for me: I wrote a lot, but I don’t think I’ll meet all my goals. Still… it’s a good start to my new writing schedule. Sure, I got a little lonely for a moment there, but I did get tested by the universe and held out to the very end. But in just seven days, I feel like I have no idea what’s happening with my publishing friends or my writing friends or my Cali friends or my Chicago friends or anyone! So, surely, you’ll see me in my usual place on Twitter tomorrow.

And I guess this was all only practice, because I’m planning to be offline for four weeks this April. Please make me strong. If I snail-mail tweets, will someone post them for me? It could be like a post-postmodern art project.

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6 responses to “Tomorrow We Can Be Human Again”

  1. I of course will tweet your snail mailed tweets for you. And i will also snail mail what I hear as responses.

    Twitter was sort of lame this week. Except of course, for my tweets. (NOT). I missed you.


  2. You have done brilliantly! Especially when you were tested by the Universe – so cruel! But you did it. 🙂

    Me? Well… I didn’t crumble once. I didn’t even sneak a glance, into Twitter goings-on or Facebook. (In fact, I only recently joined FB and have just as quickly shut down my account. Ugh. Don’t like it.) But I have to say, I didn’t get much ‘extra’ stuff done. I don’t know what I did with all that non-Twitter Time. My editor revisions didn’t come after all, so I worked on revising an on-spec manuscript my agent wants to see, but I only got to page 40 or so.

    Still, I’m proud of myself for not giving into temptation, and it proved I can live without the constant tweets!



  3. I loved it! Though missing you, Annika, Will, and a few select others was really and unexpectedly difficult. I didn’t cheat at all until I woke up today and immediately tweeted about how glad I was to be able to use twitter again.

    A few hours later I realized that I was ending a day early. So that might be a fail to some. I don’t care. I wasn’t even thinking.

    At the very least, I firmed up a good third of Current Projeckt ™ without too many distractions.

    Hells, I miss you.


  4. I did well! I missed Twitter, but I did use the time wisely, and clocked the first 10k on my new book. Like you said in a previous post, I think I’ll use Twitter a little different/less like crack in the future, though I am really excited to get back say say hello to everyone!


  5. I thought it ended today and I..gulp.. tweeted. Just once. Okay maybe twice. I was at work. It was a weak moment. But I almost made it.

    Nova, I think you should have gotten a special dispensation for going on twitter to celebrate your news. I’m impressed that you stayed twitterfree.


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