Confidence Hat

It would help me greatly, while I soar ahead with this manuscript and write the whole first draft, all while knowing that less than two months remain until the day I said I’d finish it, if there was a way to secure confidence into my head. You know, just while I’m sitting at the laptop writing. If there was something I could put on, wear for a few hours while pounding out a scene, then put away afterward, to avoid getting too big a head. I don’t want to get arrogant; I hate arrogance. I don’t want to get delusional; I’m already delusional, thank you. I just want to feel assured enough to write to the end without floundering in the usual insecurities and self-doubt that comes up to my knees most days but on some days, not today thankfully but many days, reaches my ears and makes it hard to hear anything else.

A confidence hat would do the trick.

Maybe something like this:


Too green? Should I try something a little more… classic?

Anyway, here I am, hatless, but guess what? My week away from Twitter and Facebook served me well. I got the momentum back with my novel, spilled out pages, went back and revised said pages, went back and revised said pages after revising said pages, and am happy enough with the pages (for now) that I can move on to a brand-new chapter, yay!

Plus? I hit 50,000 words in the manuscript—to be honest, that happened this morning, but I wasn’t letting myself log back in to Twitter or Facebook until I did it. So… I did it. There’s a lot more plot to go in this novel before it’s done, so I expect many cuts before my editor sees it, but still… 50,273 words to this manuscript as of right this very second!

Full disclosure: I did not meet all my goals; the pitches aren’t done yet. But I’m off to work on them this afternoon.

And the chapter I’m writing next is a fun one. Here’s to another inspired and productive week.

Now… if only I had this:


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